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Social Media is NOT

Oftentimes, the way to know how to handle something is knowing what NOT to do. Since Social Marketing is fluid and can be agile it’s a great platform to reach your target audience and tell your brand story. However, there are some definite practices that won’t work with this platform and it’s important to know what they are to create the right expectation and not waste your time.

Social Marketing is a journey, like starting a really great book, but this particular book is about your brand. The look and feel is always about what your brand stands for. Are you the fun-loving relaxed office group that uses humor to get your point across, or are you the nature-loving organic restaurant that believes in the holistic healing of foods? It all translates to your specific voice and how you want to be heard in the market. Your photos and copy should always reflect that.

Social Media isn’t a fad and it’s going to be around for a very long time. It may take different forms and evolve, but ultimately, this is a form of communication in the market and it’s vital that business-owners treat it for what it is. When 62% of consumers admit they are “brand loyal” to a business that engages with them on a personal level, the importance of this channel begins to increase and suggests that it does belong in your marketing mix. But you need to do it right.

Social media is a science. We use data and analytics to understand it and we’re constantly experimenting and observing to understand more. However, so is any relationship. And that’s what social media is. There’s an evolution to it and with more exposure you gain more understanding. Instead of treating it like advertising, or a set of pictures pointing back to your business, pretend it’s a great party that you want to be invited to where all your future friends are. How would you become friends with them?

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