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But What Does It Mean?

When I was deciding on what to call my business I knew there was one thing I knew how to do and how effective I could be given the opportunity.

As I approach a business to assist in their marketing I take it personally. I shouldn't. There should be a line between business and professional, but I can't help it. Increasing the reach a business has can directly affects their bottom-line; it puts food on the table and keeps the bills paid. That's important to me because I need to do the same for my family.

A lot of people believe digital marketing is just slapping a picture or some words on a digital space. Ripping a picture off Google and posting it on a feed is not something I do - at all. Matter of fact, if anyone handling your media marketing is doing that, you may want to re-evaluate their place in your organization.

My first step is typically getting to know your business, the visions and goals, what's realistic and what's not. Then I look at your potential audience and where you should be. I design a strategy around all of that. I always have a goal in mind, and regarding your business, you should too. This is why the word "power" kept circling my mind when I was creating my own brand.

The definition of power is 1.) the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality and 2.) the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.

If marketing is 'the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer' then adding power to that equation should result in a win. And that's what I like to do; win.

In latin the word for power is Imperium. It's a strong word, in my opinion, which is why I mashed it with the word Marketing to create, Marium (/ˈmärēəm/ ); And the definition is my tag line: Power Your Marketing.

So when you see our business name and wonder what it all means, understand that it was designed with you in my mind. It was created to let you know that when we take on the responsibility of growing the visibility, recognition, and reach of your brand, we'll be putting as much power behind it as we can to attain the results that you need; that is the Marium process.

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