Mar-ium - /ˈmärēəm/ 

The combination of power and marketing to achieve optimal outcomes for brand reach, company visibility, and recognition.


Marketing + Imperium = Power Marketing

Power is successful when it comes from a stable point of origin and used toward a target. A business can market and advertise but if the strategy or point of origin isn't stable with a direct goal in mind, all that energy will be lost and dollars wasted.


This is why what we do is so important. The process of Marium Digital starts with a structured and stable strategy intended to carve a path powered toward the goal.


Daniela V. Mangini

President and Chief Brand Officer

I would describe myself as a creative person with my feet firmly planted in logic and reality; This is how I approach my business and my clients' business.



I'm a forward thinker that always has the bigger picture in mind, whether it's for short-term or long goals. I'm motivated by the successes of my clients because not only does it directly affect my business and brand, but I believe what I do is important for the benefit of their business and livelihood.




Professional Certifications


Social Media - Kellogg Business School

Marketing- Wharton Business School

Predictive Analytics - Wharton Business School

Viral Marketing - Wharton Business School

Search Engine Optimization - University of California

Digital Marketing - Kellogg Business School





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Hanover, N.J.


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